The Brando, Tetiaroa, French Polynesia

We do this because we love it

We created the company because we needed it as travelers ourselves. We searched for a travel agency that had a deep rolodex of local partners around the world with access to the most up-to-date information, fair pricing, and on-the-ground coverage. We founded For Business or Pleasure Travel in 2014 and re-branded as the BP Travel Club in 2019. The club reflects what we have become—a niche group of super travelers that with our guidance go to the furthest corners of the globe, engage in unique activities and experiences and have a sophisticated and discerning eye for luxury and service. Our model artfully produces tailored trips that are individual, rather than a one-size fits most model. Each trip is a custom design, as a collaboration between our company, the travelers and the respective local partners to create unique journeys.

Abby and Tami met as undergraduates at the University of Pennsylvania and have been friends ever since. Abby studied Classical Archaeology before completing a graduate program in Archaeology at the University of Cambridge in England and Tami had a dual concentration in Management and Marketing at the Wharton School. Together they each spent nearly a decade in financial services, in third party capital raising and management consulting respectively, before leaving together to co-found the business.

United Arab Emirates Desert

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